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I flew to Manchester to see these guys a few years ago and was not disappointed. It was probably one of the best gig’s i’ve ever attended. So when i saw that they were going to play Belfast and Dublin i had to get tickets. It was a toss up regarding which venue, but i settled for Belfast. 

On the lead up to the gig, the Dublin gig seemed to over shadow the Belfast gig and went on to sell out, and i was having doubts about the Belfast gig. But thankfully those doubts where soon put to rest when they came on stage. Although it didn’t sell out, looking back i feel that this was a major plus for the overall night. Talk about stage presence and entertainment, this hard working band put on one hell of a show. A show i will not forget. If you get a chance to see them in a small venue grab those tickets as you will not be disappointed. 

Michael GillComment