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Music - Sunstack Jones

I’m always looking for new music. At times I find myself so far into a search I’m not sure how I got there. With apps and websites such as, Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud, it’s become alot easier to discover something to suit your mood at any given time. Plus with having BBC6 music playing in the background your bound to hear something new and rediscover the tracks you once forgot about. 

I came across this band (Sunstack Jones) after listening to some old stuff from a band called Dirtblonde on Soundcloud earlier, who I loved seeing while studying in Liverpool. Their live gigs were always short-lived but alway's memorable. I’m not sure if there’re still playing anymore, but if you get a chance I would recommend it. 

But back to Sunstack Jones, from the my short listening experience I'm liking the sound and I can't wait to hear more from them. It’s got that classic late night, dreamy, summer feel going on that I love - So here’s a playlist of some Sunstack Jones tracks. If you want to hear more head over to Spotify as they have a few Lp's there and I think they will be playing gigs around the UK later in the year. 


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