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Boston - Zakim Bridge

On Monday I started the day off by heading to the Cambridge Galleria to pick up a T-Mobile sim card for the vacation. Once I inserted the sim card, I had a few messages come through from messenger. Then I made a few arrangement to meet a cousin in the Seaport District of Boston to grab lunch. 

We ate at Mario Batali’s Babbo Pizzeria and enjoyed the Meatball Pizza along with a side of Roasted Peppers, while catching up .  When we left I decided to make my way towards the Northern Avenue bridge and swing by the front of the Court house.   The aim was to try out the Lee Seven5 filter for the Fuji x100s with the Boston Harbour acting as the focal point. 

The idea behind my travels this year was to travel as light as possible in regards to camera gear while out walking around the city. For the past few years I've carried a tripod, camera body and battery grip along with the 24-70 and 70-200mm. Carrying this around town can become troublesome especially with the tripod.  So recently, when i pick up the Pixi tripod from Manfrotto I was a bit skeptical of how stable it would be, but after a few minutes use I happy with how it was performing.  The only thing I was missing was a shutter release to help reduce the possibility of camera shake as I needed to hold the shutter button down in bulb mode on the Fuji x100s. 

After grabbing a few images I made my way along the Fort Point Channel by the Boston Children's Museum over to South Station. 

While at South Station I decided to buy a 7 day rail pass, as i was planning to do a lot of travel over the coming days. As I paid for my pass I put my wallet back into my jacket and made my way over to Science Park on the Green Line. I had a quick look around and then crossed the bridge to photograph Zakim Bridge from a few different angles. 

After spending  a few hours in the area I decided to walk through Paul Revere Park over to the North End and onto  Downtown Crossing. While in the area i decided to check if i could buy a shutter release from one of the camera stores in the aera. After checking for a few minutes I found the right one. And then that’s when everything went off track. It was at this point when I was looking to pay, I had noticed that I had somehow lost my wallet. 

Did it somehow fall out of my jacket while i was setting up the camera close to the ground, or was i picked pocketed in around the downtown area? All I know is that I was lucky to have $8 in my jeans. Just enough to get home and grab a coffee while going over the days photos.