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James's Confirmation in Moville

On Sunday I got to catch up with Paul, Amanda and their son James who had just made his confirmation in Moville. With the recent spell of good weather we decided to head to a location that meant a lot to the family. I was unaware that this park even existed, but after speaking to Amanda I thought I'd check it out before the shoot.

So I grabbed a coffee and made my way down on the Thursday evening with my camera. Tucked behind a garage, is a dirt path that guide's you along the riverside. As you follow the path, you are surrounded by trees and to your left is the river. Along this path is a swing and a place to sit, then further on over is an allotment and a bird watching cabin with more area's to sit. The work the people did to achieve this is wonderful, and it will be interesting to see the place develop over the next few years.  Overall with the setting sun and the perfect weather this place really stood out, and I was amazed that this little gem was minutes from home.   

Moville River Walk

When Sunday approached, I was really excited to shoot here again. I met James and his family. From the get go, he was a pleasure to photograph. Making it very easy, and having a laugh with family, added the right ingredients for a special shoot. We wrapped up the day, by visiting the extended family and photographing both Grandparents and the Godparents.  Here are some of the images we got on Sunday. 

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