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Coming off the train in Oxford Circus I proceeded to make my way through the tunnels and join the mass of people making their way up to street level. When I got off the train this song Apply by Glasser came on and felt like the best soundtrack to accompany me through the crowds as i made my way up to the City streets from the tunnels below.

I’ve only recently started to visit London over the past few years and each visit is fantastic. After walking around for a few hours, I meet up with a friend and we decided to try our luck to get some cheap theatre tickets for The Book of Mormon. Luckily we managed to get two refunded tickets. 8 rows from the stage and although I wouldn’t consider them cheap at £75, but It was a great show, with non-stop laughter and I think for my first theatre experience I may have set the bar too high on this one. 

After the show, we made our way for dinner and came across a guy playing What a feeling, from the film Flashdance. This was one of the highlights for me, I loved the spontaneit of my friend, and everything that goes with it. Life is for living. Check the video out for a preview of this random moment. 

We ate at a lovely Indian vegetarian restaurant called Woodlands Marylebone , After dinner we tried our luck with a pub quiz (and lost) and then followed it with a pub called Garlic and Shots  Then calling it a night before 12 to make our way back to Crystal Palace. 

On my last day I managed to get a quick visit back into the city to run by the Tate Modern grabbing a few pictures on my iPhone, before taking the Gatwick express back to the airport for my flight home.