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Boston from a Height

MGP Life Boston Rooftop.jpg

Back in the fall of 2013, Myself and my cousin took a visit to the Sowa Open Market in Boston. This market is mixed with a collection of Art & Craft's stalls, A Farmers Market, enough Food Trucks to feed the city and if that wasn’t enough, you have vendors selling everything from Ice-cream to Dog treats. So there really is something for everyone here. I found the studio spaces where the artist's worked fascinating.  Dotted along the corridors are some galleries and studios where you can walk in and purchase some wonderful one-off items.

The Vintage Market was a gem, you could easily spend hours in there just looking through everything. I managed to pick up some old maps of New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago along with a box of old photographs. The box contained about 20 slides.

After taking a look through them, I noticed that about half of them contained photos of Boston City taken from a height (possibly the old John Hancock Building) while the others contained a few pictures of a person playing golf and  people standing beside a car. Overall it looks like these images may be someone's trip to the city. I was interested in getting a better look at the city from these photos, So after 3 years I have just gotten around to photographing the scans. I wanted to get them scanned professionally and still do, but when...  

The slides are originally in colour, but I've converted them to black and white for the time being. There is also a bit of dirt on them too, which I will try and clean up in photoshop over the coming weeks. I've also noticed that the images of Boston seem to line up, so it would be interesting to stitch them all together to see how that works out.