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Phone Apps

So you've got to grips with instagram and you've adding filters to everything in your phone. Time to move up a level, and put your thumbs into over drive.  The app world has become saturated with photo apps over the past few years, and with that there's a few that are taking the limelight and rightly so.

Currently, I'm loving the VSCO's app, free to download,  but you're going to pay for the add-on's/filters. The camera app itself is great, but the filter's help you get to that finished film look that you're after. Helping it being an all in one solution for posting to social media. Also check out the VSCO community, for inspiration to take you to the next level.   

Click for App Store link - VSCO app

I downloaded Enlight a few months ago and i just got around to using it this weekend and I must say it's fantastic.  The start to finish edits that you can tweak for a phone app  are amazing. I've fead a few image's through it,  just to see what Ican edit on my phone and i was surprised. I think this will be great for on the go and travelling, and a one stop shop for many artist's.