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Faroe Islands. Day 1

When a place makes you turn around every few steps to take in your surroundings, you know you've found something special... well that, or you've walked into a dodgy alley. 

Welcome to the breathtakingly beautiful Faroe Islands. A small remote country dotted just northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway. But don’t let it’s size fool you, as you’ll need about a week to explore everything it has to offer.

We arrived into Fuglafjordur port around 5am which is situated on the island of Eysturoy.  When I awoke I spent the morning walking around the fishing town that is surrounded by steep hills, speckled with colourful painted houses and stunning views. At first, when I stepped off the boat, I wasn’t expecting the view. A blanket of snow covered the entire town and the hight of the hills added the wow factor.

With my poor choice of footwear I made my way to the far side of the hill to take in the view of the town from a height. It had been a while since I’ve walked on snow and ice, and after spending 2 weeks onboard a boat I realised that it was going to be sometime before I get back to walking, without thinking on where I’m placing my feet without fear of falling over.


This view in particular stood out for me. In the middle of the town, with the snow absorbing the sounds, the calm waters and the black sand beach below this bench, made everything very tranquil. A view for thinking about thinking. 

While walking along the road you could see icicles had formed on the side of the rocks on the hill due to the drop in temperature. With coffee in hand I made my way up the lane to the edge of the town and crossed a cattle grid into a field that had some sheep and goats grazing.  I was planning on making my way along the road to a waterfall close by but that was short lived. The animals seem to become inquisitive to my arrival and proceeded to join up and make their way towards me.  For some reason, I started to back away, threatened by this newly formed hillside gang. I had a thought that I was going to be chased out of there and didn’t think that me and my slippery soles would fair well by a group of wild hungry beasts...  

I made my way back to the boat to start my shift and plan how I was going to get around to discovering the locations that I’d been saving in Evernote for the past few months, by bus.