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Northern Lights March 6th

Last March I had planned a trip to Malin Head after hearing about a possible display of the Northern Lights and ended up coming back to Shrove Beach, as I looking to add something more to the image and I thought the Lighthouse would be perfect. Here's the link to that post

Shrove Lighthouse Northern Lights

So after hearing about strong sightings all over Ireland on twitter last night, I peeked out, and was surprised by what I was seeing. Unprepared, I took the basics with me and made my way to the beach. About 45mins in it seemed that things had settled down, the clouds weren't really moving from behind the lighthouse and the cold temperature was starting to take effect so I done a quick review and made my way home.  

Hopefully there will be another show over the coming weeks. Time to get planning. 

Shrove Beach Northern Lights